Monday, May 27, 2013

Rand Paul and Justin Amash Spread the Propaganda

I told you the propaganda hailing the dead government trained killers would be heavy today:


  1. Speaking ill of American troops is practically a criminal offense these days. If you believe in the unrelenting propaganda spewed out by politicians, the media, and corporations, we are supposed to prostrate ourselves at the feet of those in uniform.

    The fact that they are engaged in multiple wars of aggression, killing thousands and displacing millions in foreign countries is to be summarily ignored. No one is permitted to voice an alternate opinion: that our troops are NOT keeping us safe or protecting our freedoms.

    They are, in fact, doing the opposite. Their invasions, occupations, no-knock raids, torture, and indefinite detentions are the source of the terrorist blowback. It is this blowback that is being used as an excuse for absurd levels of unsustainable Pentagon spending, warrantless spying, TSA gropings, police militarization, and a burgeoning police state at home.

    Instead of remembering the sacrifices made by our soldiers, we should spend the day remembering the freedoms we have sacrificed for the false promise of security.

    It is depressing to acknowledge that we went from being the freest, most prosperous country the world had ever known into a fascist-corporatist oligarchic kleptocracy in less than a century. Congratulations, America!