Friday, May 10, 2013

Rand Paul: First Israel, Then Howard University and Now Silicon Valley

Politico reports:
He’ll court Silicon Valley moguls at multiple meet-and-greet events later this month in California.
A very well thought out strategy. Who mapped this out? Who is running Rand Paul?

Also of note, Rand, according to Politico, has met with the Koch brothers and former George W. Bush finance vice chairman Jack Oliver.


  1. Rand is running himself Robert. If Rand is ran by someone it's his dad.

    He's going to have to raise money and build networks outside the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street and the Prison Industrial Complex since if he did become president a lot of their scams would end.

    Even if you take his published budgets then some special interests will be getting nervous as the prospect of him in the White House.

    If he can get the support of the Koch's by promising to gut the EPA (though they might miss the gov't contracts) and the likes of Adelson by promising to a libertarian with regards to gambling (maybe legalize online gambling so he can cash in on that?) then he can get some much needed campaign cash. Silicon Valley is also another logical source for support for a free market candidate.

    1. "If Rand is ran by someone it's his dad." No way no how. Rand is actively distancing himself from his dad. Are you serious? this has to be a fake post. The koch brothers, jesse benton are least helping to run the show.

    2. No he's not. Ron fully supports his sons bid and will make that very clear nearer the time.

      He needs the Koch's backing otherwise how is he going to raise the tens of millions needed to run a presidential campaign?

    3. Unless Ron is lying, he has little to do with Rand's political career. He has stated on record that they talk occasionally, but Rand is his own politician. Rand is being run by someone else.

    4. You don't think he'll support his sons bid for president? Get real. He'll be supporting it and emailing his lists

      Rand is being run by himself that's what I'm told. He's heavily involved in his strategy, who he picks for staff, appearances etc. and his speeches are likely written by his book co-author Jack Hunter

    5. You don't think he'll support his sons bid for president?

      That is great question that Ron will have to figure out. Ron has been uncompromising in congress. Rand states he is not a libertarin and his stance on the issues are consistent with neo-conserativism. If you were take another politician that had similar neo-con views that was not Rand paul, Ron would not support that candidate. Will ron paul compromise for his son?

  2. sheldon adelson is more concerned with rands view on israel rather than gambling. if rand wants to spend adelsons $$$ come election time...rand better get in step with the chosen ones.