Saturday, May 18, 2013

Snarky Comment on Gold from Former Ron Paul Staffer

Oh yeah, they want Rand Paul to stab his father in his back, and Bruce Bartlett attempts to establish his Keynesian cred with this Judas-gold-hating tweet::


  1. What he is saying is absolutely correct. Not just for right-wingers but for anyone with half a brain.

  2. To be fair, wasn't Bartlett a "Ron Paul staffer" for just one year before moving on to Kemp? Think Dr. Paul has any memories he'd like to share?

    (I mean, it's easy to see the man's a (n authoritarian) raver, and the only reason for the acceptance of his articles by media is for page hits and/or unintentional humor -- I mean, at cocktail parties one might hear "Oh, there's that jackass Bartlett, fancies himself an informative writer and commenter, but from whom one can't walk away and not piss yourself laughing).

    (Been there, done that, except for the moisture).

  3. Gold hating? Sound advice for sure......what's the problem here?