Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Reason the New Generation Likes Ron Paul

He gives them the respect they deserve and knows they are not “slow and stupid” the way government would have you believe.

Danny de Gracia says:
Politicians, mainstream media and parents alike have no shortage of advice for Millennials. “Go get a degree! Raise your GPA! Study harder! Apply for a job 24/7! Work harder! Force yourself to come up with new ideas! Compete!” There are people who actually believe young people today are in a slump because “unlike the former generations” Millennials supposedly chose to be underachievers and losers. But before you judge Millennials on their lack of works, don’t forget who created the crisis we’re living in today[...]

This is why I call Millennials “Generation E” ― the “E” for exasperated ― because now the entire titanic weight of decades of reckless government spending, political delusions of grandeur and taxpayer subsidized greed is becoming their burden to bear{...]

Young people were told to go to college and to get a degree because “a bachelor’s degree is worth a million dollars more over the course of a lifetime than a GED or high school diploma.” Young people were told not to worry about the cost, but to go to college and “get an education.” What they weren’t told was that student loans were being used as an investment device via the Student Loan Auction Rate Securities (SLARS) program and that students were being encouraged to rack up debt so that Wall Street investors could sell the right to be repaid to others[...]

Young people don’t own homes because the Federal Reserve was a willing partner in ballooning the housing industry so that Wall Street could sell mortgage backed securities and exotic financial devices.
Young people are barely making ends meet because the cost of living ― thanks to the stimulus and quantitative easing ― is skyrocketing and the dollar is dying.

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  1. "He gives them the respect they deserve and knows they are not “slow and stupid” the way government would have you believe."

    Here's a frustrating story we're dealing with at work to verify the above quote:

    Interestingly, and unfortunately, in the line of work I'm in we've had to deal with the Feds and they required us to purposefully "dumb" products down just so we can introduce them to the marketplace. We want to sell a device that under current law the FDA mandates their permission due to them classifying it as a "medical" device, regardless of the fact that no one in the medical community would ever use the device in their line of work. The user manual for the device, when we submitted it to the FDA, they concluded, was too "intelligent", and that it had to be re-written to be readable at an 8th grade reading level.

    It was somewhat laughable until you realize they are purposefully dumbing down the marketplace. I can understand if we receive market feedback suggesting our products need simpler description, in which case we'll perform the necessary adjustments because it's in our best interests to do so, but the product itself is fairly self-explanatory. A lot of little regulations like this compound over time and it really is a disservice to humans that their government believes we're intellectual adolescents.