Saturday, May 4, 2013

This Week in TSA Drama

Baghdad TSA Bob reports in:

Two hairbrush daggers were discovered this week at Kahului (OGG) and Phoenix (PHX). These daggers might come in handy if you find yourself in a “tangle”, but there’s no need to bring them into the cabin of an aircraft.
And Baghdad tells us:
 It’s permissible to travel with firearms and ammunition in checked baggage as long as the proper guidelines are followed
But Baghdad neglected to tell us about this, (via NyPo) my highlight:
 A blind NRA member from New Mexico was busted at Newark Airport with a handgun in his checked luggage — but the weapon was only discovered because he tried to get 10 bullets past the security screeners.

Raymond Whitehead, 53, was traveling with his two grown kids and his wife when TSA screeners spotted the hollow point ammo in his bag around 10 a.m. Tuesday at the American Airlines terminal.

Port Authority cops then found the .38 caliber Charter Arms revolver and seven illegal knives in his checked luggage, and he was arrested.

Whitehead claims police allowed him to bang into walls and denied him a lawyer or food for 10 hours. He is vowing to sue.[...]Despite his blindness, Whitehead legally owns two guns in Santa Fe — and says he’s willing to blast anyone who invades his home.

“In my opinion, what happened to me was unconscionable and unforgivable,” said Whitehead., who lost all sight 11 years ago due to a degenerative eye disease

Whitehead said he has flown “at least a dozen times” in recent years with a gun in his checked suitcase without a problem.

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