Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top IRS Official Will Invoke the Fifth Amendment in Congressional Hearing

More high antioxidant snacks, please!

The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday afternoon that Lois Lerner, who heads up the Internal Revenue Service's tax-exempt division, plans to invoke the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in a hearing Wednesday before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Affairs.

Lerner's defense lawyer, William W. Taylor III, wrote to the committee on Tuesday that his client would refuse to answer questions related to what she knew about the extra levels of scrutiny applied to conservative nonprofit organizations that applied for tax-exempt status beginning in 2010.


  1. The irony of course being that the requirement for a tax filing is a violation of the 5th amendment.

  2. Why? Because she would incriminate herself.

    Soon now, this bunch of scumbags will have brand new orange jumpsuits and coordinated ankle jewelry - something they have worked diligently for and richly deserve...

  3. In reference to your link which promotes (any) popcorn is good for you, the most telling part of that page is the reference at the bottom:

    "The above story is reprinted from materials provided by American Chemical Society (ACS)."

    I have a few other reasons NOT to eat store-bought GMO popcorn, but seeing that the ACS is involved, we'll stop right there...

  4. Corn is almost always GMO in the USA, but not popcorn.