Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Warning to Kokesh Marchers

By John Raines

There’s been a lot of confusion about Adam Kokesh’s armed protest march into Washington and multiple people have stated the group will simple turn around if they are met with resistance. I’d like to clear up some of the incorrect assumptions regarding political geography in the Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia area.

First some history. During the colonial period, both Virginia and Maryland claimed ownership of the Potomac River. In 1776 Virginia ceded control and legal ownership of the portion of the river where the two states share a border in the Virginia Constitution.

Some time later in the 1790s Virginia and Maryland ceded land to the Federal government for the creation of Washington D.C. The portion of the Potomac that ran through the District was no longer part of Maryland but became part of D.C. In 1847, the Virginia portion was “retroceded” back to Virginia. However, the Maryland portion originally ceded to the Feds provided the legal ownership over the Potomac and remained in the possession of Washington D.C. This arrangement continues to this day.

What does this all mean? Conventional wisdom would assume that the border between two states is at the middle point of the river. However, with the Potomac this is not true. Since Washington D.C. has ownership of the Potomac River to the lowest point on the Virginia side, (through Maryland’s prior ownership) Adam and his formation will have a very short march before they find themselves in violation of D.C. law. So short in fact, they may mistakenly believe they are still in Virginia before even reaching the Memorial bridge as Columbia Island between the two locations is part of D.C. (Lady Bird Johnson Memorial park).

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  1. They should fake them out. It should be a two day protest. On the first day, they ought to go looking like they're armed crossing the bridge. Who knows what would happen there. Maybe the cops will let them go with some harassment.

    Then, on the second day, they should just make a quick formation within the city but armed. Not sure about the safety of this, but at least they'll be well within the city making their statement. Either way, the cops would be faked out.

  2. Adam Kokesh may be the "Samuel Adams" of our time.

    We are in desperate need of a "Firebrand" for the Constitution, someone who's willing to step up and take the risk of forcing them to make the first move. And by doing so proving everything...we are already a police state. After Boston, that's undisputable to any thinking person.

  3. Why are you all so concerned exactly? This has been done before...was there a big shoot out then?? NO...LMAO!