Thursday, May 30, 2013

WWE Wrestler Kane May Run for US Senate; Reads Hayek, Mises and Rothbard

Glenn Jacobs, the seven-foot-tall professional wrestler better known as Kane, just might be the next Republican senator from Tennesse, reports the Daily Caller.

DC writes:
Jacobs insists he has “no plans to run at this point.” But, at the same time, he is not prepared to rule it out.
“Of course I know what’s going to happen is the media at first would treat this like a joke,” Jacobs says of his potential candidacy. “There would be a lot of interest in it, but it wouldn’t be taken seriously in that respect, but that’s okay — because I think as it would move along they would find out that I do understand, and I do care, very, very, very deeply. But are those enough to be able to win? Because, frankly, if I’m going to do it, that would be my goal.”
“So you know, there would just have to be a lot of things put in to place, and certainly my family would have to be comfortable with it,” he added.
Jacobs says he’s always been interested in politics, but it wasn’t until around 2004 that he began reading economists of the libertarian “Austrian school” such as Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. He calls Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson “one of the best books anyone can read,” and also cites von Mises’ Human Action and Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State as personal favorites. 
Kane has also written a number of articles for


  1. I met Kane at comic-con 2011 and shocked him by telling him how much I liked his article on "America''s Great Depression".

  2. We could start a pool regarding the Jesse Ventura comparisons...
    (a shallow pool at that harhar).

  3. Awesome news. I think- no, I KNOW- Lamar Alexander is a partisan hack with no clue about how to help an economy. He was governor here in TN for a decade or so, and was a namby-pamby p*ssy.

    KANE- who has impressed the hell out of me with his articles at LRC- should be able to beat him hands down.

    I've already talked to several family members (yes, some of them are rednecks) about his announcement of a possible run, and apparently I was the last to know. They all heard it on the local news and are all for him.

    We have an open primary, so democrats and independents can vote, so he will have to focus on foreign policy, civil liberties (TN will probably decriminalize marijuana in the next few years, and allow gay marriage) ending O-F*[<ingbamacare, cutting taxes and returning powers back to the state level.

    I can live and love those issues.

  4. How will he handle attack ads that will bring up the prickly issue him turning against his brother The Undertaker and costing him the match with Shawn Michaels at Royal Rumble 98?

    1. You jerk! I recorded that one and hadn't gotten around to watching yet! Way to spoil the outcome, "Party Foul" Pete.

    2. In that case I'll leave my discussion about Survivor Series '97 for another time.

  5. Replies
    1. Everybody has at least one of those in the family.

  6. An added bonus is that he could quite literally maim and/or kill every other member of congress. I'm already on a watch list somewhere, so what he hell...

    1. I think this is an important point. Many are scared to criticize the military-industrial complex because they worry that burly man would intimidate them.

      but Jacobs is 7 foot, 300+ pound athlete who's been trained to throw people around like rag dolls. Maybe he's libertarianism's Great Giant Hope!

  7. Former WWF Wrestler Sean Morely, better known as "Val Venis" is also a libertarian. Too bad he's Canadian or we would have a great presidential ticket.

    See how mature I was for holding back and not referring to them as a tag team?