Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Home Run at LRC is always a great read, but there are some days when start to finish it is a must read, today is one of those days.

There's Murray Rothbard on taxes,  Walter Block on poverty,  Daniel McAdams on Turkey, Laurence Vance on Thomas Jefferson and Judge Napolitano on politicians. Then there is Mogambo Guru and also a report on the Bilderberg conference.  It just doesn't stop.


  1. Yesterday was especially excellent as well.

    Don't Ask Questions About the Boston Bombing
    Russ Baker talks to Lew Rockwell about anomalies.

    Make the World Safe From Democracy
    Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the paradox of imperialism.

    The Real Lincoln
    In his own words. Article by Tom DiLorenzo.

    'The Question Libertarians Just Can't Answer'
    Tom Woods has an hilarious smackdown of Salon.

    Where To Invest Your Money
    Hide it. Article by Bill Sardi.

    The Fascist State
    And how it might be undermined. Article by Robert Higgs.

    Would You Like a $9800, 41 MPG Car?
    Forget about it; the feds outlawed it in the US, says Eric Peters.

    Gold Bull vs. Paper Tiger
    Think twice about abandoning gold for US stocks, says Peter Schiff.

    The Immorality of Deterrence
    Jonathan Goodwin on Cold War evil.

    The Plutocrats' Coven
    Charlie Skelton on what's happening at Bilderberg 2013.

    Your Bodily Integrity
    The state is abolishing it. Article by John Whitehead.

    4 Basic Nutritional Supplements
    They will help almost everyone enjoy better health, says Margaret Durst.

  2. I love reading Mogambo Guru. He's a Huge Frikkin' Genius (HFG)!