Monday, June 10, 2013

A Note on National Security Clearances

I find it mildly interesting that NSA whistler blower Edward Snowden was given a security clearance to access snooping material, given that Snowden contributed on two occasions to the presidential campaign of Ron Paul, who is an outspoken critic of government snooping.

It brings to mind a client of mine from a few years back. He was undergoing a background check for a national security clearance. At that time, we were probably exchanging phone calls 5 or 6 times a day. Yet, I was never contacted and asked about his character--which I knew a lot about. At the same time, the government visited this person's neighbors, who knew nothing about him. I was simply amazed that they didn't check his cell phone records to see who he was calling regularly.  It struck me as a very antiquated old school-type background check.


  1. Their bureaucratic incompetence is a good thing. God help us if they ever become more efficient at implementing their counterproductive, tyrannical policies.

  2. Why are you giving them ideas?

  3. Remember they checked intro Peter Klein AFTER his working with Clinton.