Monday, June 10, 2013

Bill Gates Buys into Massive Security and Prison Management Company

 Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has increased his stake in G4S, reports Reuters.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust and Cascade Investment, an asset management firm owned by Bill Gates- increased their combined holding in G4S to 3.2 percent last week by acquiring around 6 million more shares, G4S said on Monday.

G4S is the world's largest securities firm and which runs services such as cash transportation and prison management in over 125 countries. According to their web site, they have more than 50,000 employees across the United States and Canada. alone. Worldwide, G4S has around 657,000 employee. G4S services include providing supplies security equipment and services for use at Israeli prisons, checkpoints and settlements in the West Bank.

At, G4S informs:
G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. has a long and valued history with the U.S. Armed Forces and we were even awarded "Most Valuable Employer (MVE) for Military™ by"

In fact, our elite Custom Protection Officer® Division was created with the U.S. Armed Forces in mind. This program mandates prior military service as a qualifier for employment, with Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) such as M.P., Combat Arms, Security Forces, Special Operations, or career military.

Our Custom Protection Division is deployed to service locations where the need for quality, well disciplined, expertly trained security personnel is in demand. Venues that typically looked for off-duty or contract police service or proprietary services employ our highly skilled Custom Protection Officers. Locations such as transit systems, courthouses, prisoner transport and booking operations, residential security programs, to include special response teams and K-9 handlers, and many other exciting locales.

G4S offers the perfect “fit” for those transitioning out of the military. Our Military Transition Program provides you with an opportunity to live in the area of your choosing and earn a good living working for a company that values your military experience, and possibly pursue a career path with our organization or in law enforcement, corrections, or federal employment[...]G4S has primary service divisions including but not limited to: Security Services; Nuclear Security and Energy Consulting Services; Government Services; Automated and Integrated Security Management Systems; and Consulting and Investigations.


  1. Maybe his plan to feed those in poverty starts off with imprisoning all of them first?

    Just sayin', he's pretty smart and all.

  2. Well if the elites are for the police state, they might as well go ahead and invest in the prisons.

  3. Actually, see ahhh, Bill has pretty well figured out that he is going to be spending some time - actually - a LOT of time at one of these facilities, and wants to make sure they are "comfortable"...

  4. Very helpful blog. During Microsoft's early years, all employees had broad responsibility for the company's business. Gates oversaw the business details, but continued to write code as well. In the first five years, Gates personally reviewed every line of code the company shipped, and often rewrote parts of it as he saw fit. Thanks all.