Saturday, June 8, 2013

BREAKING: NSA Seeks Criminal Probe of Surveillance Leaks

A U.S. intelligence agency requested a criminal probe on Saturday into the leak of highly classified information about secret surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency, a spokesman for the intelligence chief's office said, reports Reuters.

Confirmation that the NSA filed a "crimes report" came a few hours after the nation's spy chief, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper launched an aggressive defense of a secret government data collection program.

It was not known how broad a leaks investigation was requested by the super-secret NSA, but Shawn Turner, a spokesman for Clapper's office, said a "crimes report has been filed."

The report goes to the Justice Department, which has established procedures for determining whether an investigation is warranted.


  1. for the crime of letting the american people know while the primary excuse to hunting for the terrorist needle, the government likes to check the hay as well.

  2. Instead of comming clean and dismantling the system, they go after the whistle blower. Scumbags to the end...

    Clearly it's time to de-fund these clowns.