Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Evidence Snowden is Being Protected By the CIA?

James Gourley emails:
Apparently the Justice Department sent its documents to Hong Kong with the WRONG MIDDLE NAME for Snowden. I know government bureaucrats have little motivation to do their jobs well, but give me a break. It very well could be that they purposefully submitted incorrect documents to delay the process and allow him to get out. Perhaps more evidence that he's under CIA protection and is part of a turf war.


  1. A war on this scale means the loser disappears and Snowden and a lot of other people better hope the CIA comes out on top otherwise he might be stuck in Ecuador for a very long time. Its why I think Snowden is legit but there no reason why other bureaus might take advantage of the soup the NSA has got itself into, to take it down a peg or two

  2. Cue "Reservoir Dogs"...

    This nonsense is getting out of control. The FED knows that M2 is dropping like a stone and they've known what happens since they got their very own "My First Monetarist Coloring Book". "This can't be intentional, can it?" Yes, it can.

    Mao unleashed the "Great Cultural Revolution" as a Political Solution. "Let a hundred schools of thought contend...until I find out the 99 schools that are out of step and then I'll crush their asses."

    Should we be surprised that they gave an incorrect middle name? Hell, no! The problem is, of course, that this knowledge - this POLITICAL knowledge - comes after the fact.

    The President begins a War Against Global Something and NO ONE cares about Executive Powers?

    Oh, yeah! The CIA is protecting something and someday, someone is gonna wake up dead. Maybe me - "It's not paranoia if they're really after you." I just get tired of trying to read the Ins and Outs of the Current Politburo.

    It used to be a Source of Study to examine photos from the Soviet Central Committee to see who got airbrushed out of the Official Portrait from week to week. Now, we have to look and see who got Photoshopped into the Portrait. "Where were the President and Secretary of State the night of the Ben Ghazi attack?" "Well, we're finishing up that picture of the Situation Room and when we finish it, you'll be the first to know. It should be a lot better than the Birth Certificate this time. We're really getting used to the new Software."

    Sorry for the Rant but I don't see a good end to ANY of this.


  3. Or maybe more evidence that the Government is equally incompetent at the small things as the large ones.