Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hastings Car Crash: Murder or Suicide?

Below is the account of the only known witness who saw the Michael Hasting's car crash from beginning to end. It is appears from this account that Hasting's was not simply driving at a high rate of speed but that the vehicle was going at a speed that was unsustainable.

This seems to suggest only three possibilities:

1. There was a malfunction that caused the car to accelerate and which Hastings could not override.

2. He was actively attempting to commit suicide.

3. The electronic management of the car was taken over by an unknown  via the "Boston Brake" technique.


  1. "You saw the sparks prior to him hitting anything..."

    He's says yes from *before* the car had crossed the intersection. That there were "flames and sparks near the gas tank" before the hitting the tree.

    But the police say just an accident, nothing to see here, move along citizen. Wonder if DHS had a "run away car" terrorist drill going on anywhere nearby...

  2. In case you missed it...