Sunday, June 23, 2013

Henry Blodget Shows Us the Danger in Thinking in Aggregates

Business Insider co-founder Henry Blodget just tweeted:

He writes as though the circumstances for freedom are the same for everyone in a given country. This is far from the truth. I have written many times that even in a heavily totalitarian state some may be able to live just fine, a surfer dude for example. For others, in the US, time may be already up for some in the financial sector. Anyone putting deals together for very small companies, say, may find it much more attractive to work outside the constraints of US securities laws, which benefit no one other than major established players.

Medical doctors will likely find it much more difficult in coming years, given Obamacare, to operate their practices the way they choose. It may not be long before they may be buying one way tickets out of the country.

As for government whistleblowers, the USG is very hostile towards them. One need only consider how whistleblower Bradley Manning has been treated by the USG. He would have found much more freedom in China or Russia. Thus, it is perfectly understandable why NSA whistleblower Snowden would operate from these countries.

As Pax Dickson put it:

For most of us, the US still provides much freedom, but that is slowly changing. More and more will be exiting the country in coming years. Blodget with his aggregate thinking may be confused by all this, but the rest of us shouldn't be. Be very aware of your personal position relative to government. If you earn your living in a sector where the government is breathing down your neck, it may be time to start packing. Your freedom is not likely in the US, regardless of what Blodget tweets.

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