Thursday, June 13, 2013

IRS Criminal Investigation Division Wants to Split From IRS

Yesterday afternoon, I attended by invitation of a West Coast bank an internal briefing the bank was having for its employees, about Bitcoin. A panel of four spoke, a long time member of the Bitcoin community, a special agent of the IRS criminal investigation division and two FBI agents.

I'll have more of a report on what went on at the briefing later, but what I want to pass on now is what I learned in a separate conversation after the briefing with the IRS special agent.

I teased the agent a bit about the audits the IRS was doing on conservative groups. He responded, "We don't have anything to do with those guys. In fact, we  [the criminal division]  are so sick about what is going that we want to split from the rest of the IRS and be a separate entity under the Treasury."

He went on to say that a congressional subcommittee plans to hold hearings about the split.

Keep in mind what this means, the Treasury would have it own brand spanking new enforcement agency (In March 2003, the Secret Service became a division of Homeland Security) . Who knows what tasks such an agency would end up handling?

I am always cautious of government scandals promoted by MSM  and like to see how they develop over time, whether for the benefit of the government or the people. Another enforcement agency reporting directly to Treasury certainly does not go in the win column for the people. Let's see what else the IRS scandal that is being promoted heavily by MSM brings.

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  1. You might have suggested the becoming private investigators or something.