Thursday, June 13, 2013

More White Americans Dying Than Being Born

The number of non-Hispanic white Americans who died in the year ended June 2012 exceeded the number who were born during that period by about 12,400, the first "natural decrease" for this group,  reports WSJ.

That's according to a U.S. Census Bureau report released Thursday and an analysis of separate data from the National Center for Health Statistics by demographer Kenneth Johnson at the University of New Hampshire. The white population edged up in absolute terms last year thanks to immigration, Census figures show.

While most American children under 5 years old are still white—50.1%—that proportion is expected to fall because the majority of births have been minority children for two years in a row, a trend driven mostly by Hispanic and Asian births.

 There are now 14 states where the majority of children under 5 are nonwhite,  said demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution; in 2000, only five states, including the District of Columbia, had "minority majority" toddler populations.

The U.S. population is "browning from the bottom up," said Frey, according to WSJ.


  1. Getting out while the going is good.

  2. Why would you "get out while the going is good"? I thought more Mexican immigration was an unqualified good, libertardarians. We should invite the whole world here.

    What is most disappointing is that in private, I bet Lew Rockwell and Wenzel are some of the most anti-immigration people on the planet. They have reason to be, as well. Immigration (both legal and illegal varieties) destroys the fabric of the nation, lowers wages and further drives Americans apart. It leads to plutocrats getting wealthier and our population getting stupider (which is, ironically, the death knell of libertarianism as a popular movement. libertarianism works best with highIQ populations who can handle the responsibilities that come with expanded freedoms. dumb people ruin freedom by abusing it.)

    But rarely do we here such talk publicly from the luminaries on the libertarian side of the coin.

    Sadly, getting guys like this to admit publicly that we are not all above average is tough enough. In private, they would admit it instantly.

    So what's with the lack of courage? Guys like Sailer, Kaus and Coulter are willing to do it. You should too, Bob. Make the libertarian case for a border fence and reduced immigration levels. The Rothbard/Rockwell report used to until Lew pussed out. Same with one of our heroes, Ron Paul. Paul used to get a B grade from Numbers USA in '08. It dropped to an F when he mused during a debate that a border fence "might be used to keep us in". Oy. Way to make yourself less electable by CHANGING a position, sir!

  3. I don't understand your resistance DC. A free society would allow you and your friends to erect a fence around your property to keep out all immigrants. Then you wouldn't have to convince any libertardarians (Repubs or Dems either) to build a fence.