Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Naked Man Terrorizes Passengers at San Francisco BART Station

If you have spent anytime in The People's Republic of San Francisco, this would not surprise you. Milder versions (and more insane versions) of this go on everyday.

The entire Tendeloin district of SF is filled with characters like this. It's probably some of the most valuable real estate in the world. Yet, the lefty interventionists block development and leave the area to the crazies who live in dilapidated SROs, if not on the streets. Sometimes they wander outside the Tenderloin as this amazing video shows.


  1. This is a testament to the despicable response times police have. The notion that they're in any way "crime stoppers" is insulting. At best, they show up after the fact with some paper work and go back to the doughnut shop.

    The attitude in SF is that it's a social taboo to speak unkindly of these sorts. "They just need our help" seems to be the attitude instead of "if this naked junkie touches another woman I'm going to knock his teeth down his throat."

    I've walked through the Loin a number of times, each one in a zip zag pattern to avoid the human feces and empty syringes in the middle of the sidewalk as if each was a mere gum wrapper.

  2. "They [the cops] need to get here faster." Good luck with that game plan.

  3. Hey Nancy! Hey! Cut it out - ahhh shit!
    'scuse me for a minute, be right back...

    Damnit Pelosi, put your clothes on. What the hell are the voters gonna think? You gotta stop doin' this or the next election you're toast. No I don’t think it's funny, and neither will the President. Well, OK yeah, Michelle WILL laugh her ass off, but you gotta stop doin' this shit.

    Sorry, she gets a little carried away sometimes. Power mad I think they call it. Takes her clothes off and yells, "You can all kiss my ass, I AM the queen!"