Saturday, June 1, 2013

Open Coin Distributes Millions in Free Ripples

Many virtual currency fans opened their email boxes this morning to find this announcement from Ripple:

Congratulations! You’re eligible for our giveaway.

You’re excited about the future of money—that’s why we’re inviting you to become a Beta User for Ripple, the payment protocol that revolutionizes financial transactions.

The email went on to explain the mechanics of how the email recipient could receive 1,000 of the virtual currency, Ripple, for free. The recipients were those who had earlier signed up at the Ripple web site to get further information on the virtual currency. The ripple is currently trading for approximately 3.3 cents. It is believed tens of thousands have received the emails.

The virtual currency Ripple was created and launched by OpenCoin and has Google Ventures among its investors.

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  1. Even Virtual Currencies may be inflated away. If I'm Virtually Disabled, will they send me a Virtual Disability Check?