Thursday, June 20, 2013

Paging Sigmund Freud: Rand Paul and Power

Check this out. Rand Paul tweeted out this picture from what appears to be his Senate office.

Larger view of pic here:

The tweet along with a link to the picture said:

Enjoyed meeting with my friend @glennbeck today!

But let's move beyond Rand's "friend," the curious Glenn Beck.  Check out the book on the left on Rand's coffee table (click on the link below the pic for a larger view.) The book is Power: Portraits of World Leaders.

Power brings readers face to face with the major world leaders of today. In this one-of-a-kind collection, Platon World Press Photographer of the Year turns his lens on 150 current international leaders from across the political spectrum to create a profound portrait of global power.

Picture of men in power, sounds like fun. Other than Rand, it seems few have bought this book. It ranks  #412,657 in Books at Amazon.

From an Amazon review:
This book is a great collection of strangely intimate pictures. They feel so close, I sometimes felt almost a little embarassed to get such a close view of the person.

Can you imagine this on Ron Paul's coffee table? Pictures of world leaders?


  1. I mean, it makes sense really. If you're running for president, you might want to learn who's in charge of different countries. Outside of maybe a few leaders that I hear about in the news all the time I couldn't even name close to 150 leaders.

  2. Looks like another slow news day. I'm sure Ron Paul has many books that would surprise you.

  3. Oh Bob, come on now, that book is from the photographer who took the now infamous 'finger-crossed' cover for the New Republic(an).

    That's why he has that coffeetable book by Platon (the obnoxiously named Greek photographer with his own brand of delusions of grandeur; frankly what neurotic 'artist' doesn't?)

    No 'conspiracy' or Freudian slip there, though not to say that Rand is immune to being seduced by power.

  4. I like how the closer you get to BO (on the cover), the brighter the halo becomes.

  5. Not only is the subject matter nauseating Platon is a hack of a photographer and depends on a repetitive lighting and composition gimmick rather than a true ability to actually capture an individual's personality.
    Same old boring images from a sycophant "artist".

  6. Platon is a gimmick and quite boring. The subject matter is nauseating but the truth of the matter is that the "artist" is a sycophant and does a pretty poor job of conveying any real personality of any of the individual's he photographs.
    It's juts the same cookie-cutter image over and over again which is the flavour of the day in photography these days.
    This guy has been making this very same image for many many years and frankly it's boring.
    I'll bet some idiot gave the book to Paul.
    Or Rand just has crap taste in "art".

  7. Platon was the guy that took the picture of The New Republic cover that made Rand look terrible. Given that The New Republic cover came out two days ago and this picture was taken yesterday seems like this may be a likely correlation.