Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Popcorn Time: Santelli Smacks Around WSJ's Hilsenrath

CNBC's Rick Santelli smacks around WSJ's Jon Hilsenrath in the clip below. It is widely believed Bernanke leaks to Hilsenrath.

Santelli gets it pretty much right, including about excess reserves! Further, not only is it a case that follow-up questions are not allowed at Fed press conferences, as Hilsenrath states, but it is very controlled setting  relative to who gets to ask questions. I am aware of one reporter, who attends the conferences regularly, who never gets the opportunity to ask a question. When the reporter presses the point about not getting the opportunity to ask a question, the Fed media people just tell the reporter,  "Next time." And the next times, come and go, with Hilsenrath,  CNBC's Steve Liesman etc., always getting an opportunity to ask a question but not this other reporter. Not to mention that Liesman has been seen walking into the press conferences from the same backdoor that Bernanke uses.


  1. Where's the inflation? It's right there on the stock market. Apathetic recovery with a stock market at record levels? Hello?

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