Friday, June 7, 2013

Rand Paul to Promote Federally Financed Charter Schools

While his father turns to homeschooling, Rand Paul is going to hail some micromanagement of government education money.

Reports the Washington Examiner:
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, the budding 2016 GOP presidential candidate, plans to put his support for charter schools on display next week when he delivers the commencement address at a Philadelphia charter school.

Paul on Monday will speak at the graduation ceremony of the Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School and later meet with the press to talk about the school and his support for charter institutions.

His RandPAC said in a statement, "Senator Paul has been a supporter of school choice proposals and has even introduced legislation that would permit existing federal funding under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act to follow low-income children to the school they attend, including charter schools. Parents, and not Washington should have the ability to decide where their children can obtain the best possible education."
Why not get government out of the education business completely, Rand? Let parents choose for themselves, with their own money. It looks like your father,for one, is developing a great program.

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  1. Because Ron believes in freedom and Rand believes in benevolent government (an oxymoron). I'll take the old man's ideology every day of the week.