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REPORT: Snowden to Moscow Then Cuba Then Venezuela



Google translation of the Russian news agency Interfax dispatch:

 Former CIA agent Edward Snowden flying from Hong Kong to Cuba via Moscow, "Interfax" a source close to Snowden. "He has already left on a direct flight to Moscow and the evening will be there. But in Moscow, he will not be late. It stipulated the option for further transit to Cuba," - said the source.
However, the final decision will E.Snouden personally. "Where he decides to fly from Moscow exactly known. Maybe he wants to stay in Russia", - he added.
Original Russian dispatch:

Сноуден, скорее всего, проследует транзитом через Москву на Кубу - источник
23 июня 2013 года 13:00

Гонконг. 23 июня. INTERFAX.RU - Бывший агент ЦРУ Эдвард Сноуден летит из Гонконга на Кубу транзитом через Москву, сообщил "Интерфаксу" источник в окружении Сноудена. "Он уже вылетел прямым рейсом на Москву и вечером будет там. Но в Москве он не задержится. Он оговаривал вариант дальнейшего транзита на Кубу", - добавил источник. 
Однако окончательное решение Э.Сноуден примет лично. "Куда он решит лететь из Москвы точно, неизвестно. Может быть, он захочет остаться в России", - добавил собеседник агентства


Glenn Greenwald tweets:


From Voice of Russia:

Nobody will detain Snowden at Sheremetyevo, if his visa is alright - police

The police at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport don't plan to detain former CIA employee Edward Snowden when he arrives in Moscow.

"We have not received any instructions concerning this person, however, in order to enter Russian territory he should have a valid visa," Interfax was told at the police unit of the airport.

Snowden to proceed to Havana, Caracas after Moscow stop

 A source with the Aeroflot airlines confirmed that the a man named Snowden was listed among passengers of Flight Su213 bound for Moscow. According to the source, the same passenger is to leave for Cuba on June 24 aboard Aeroflot Flight SU150.


(SU) Aeroflot 213
(HKG) Hong Kong, HK to (SVO) Moscow, RU
Scheduled Departure:Scheduled Arrival:
10:55 AM - Sun Jun-23-20135:05 PM - Sun Jun-23-2013 Moscow Time
Actual Departure:Estimated Gate Arrival:
10:55 AM - Sun Jun-23-20135:14 PM - Sun Jun-23-2013 Moscow Time
Arrival Gate: F


Citing a source close to Snowden, Russian news agency Interfax reported that the whistleblower’s final destination will be Venezuela with a transfer in Havana, Cuba.

“He chose such a complicated route in the hope that he would not be arrested on the way to his final destination of Venezuela,” the source told Interfax.


RT is reporting that Snowden is already in Russia.



Ellen Berry from NYT:

Snowden has landed in Moscow.

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