Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ron Paul:Attorney General Eric Holder Should Be Fired

Ron Paul said on the Alan Colmes Show on Fox News Radio today when asked about Attorney General Holder and the P scandal:
If he doesn’t resign he should be fired because I think he was in charge and of course he’s dancing around how much direct responsibility he has, but no, he shouldn’t be in that office with what’s going on but we shouldn’t have this president. We shouldn’t have had Bush president when he decided you could start preemptive wars. There’s so much of a mess. They said, “Well, should we impeach the president and solve all our problems?” Yeah, but you’d have to impeach the whole Congress.


  1. He isn't going to be fired, Barry isn't going to fire the only black guy in the cabinet and secondly as far as the democrats and the State is concerned, he is doing a great job for them.

  2. I would have to disagree with Dr. Paul on this one. Both Holder and Obomber should be brought up on charges of first degree murder.