Thursday, June 13, 2013

Susan, Samantha and Friends Do Syria

By Daniel McAdams
Barely a week after President Obama announced the ascendance of the left-neocon, humanitarian interventionist cultists Susan Rice and Samantha Power to the top of his foreign policy team, and in a time of choking scandal, alas a light at the end of the tunnel has appeared for the Obama regime: his old friend war!
The entirety of the US corporate media is breathlessly -- and, predictably, in lockstep -- amplifying the Obama administration's sudden amazingly convenient discovery that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons after all!
Just a few weeks ago the US Intelligence Community did not believe claims that the Syrian government used chemicals, then, after scolded by the Israelis they changed their tune to a very qualified "maybe." Now, with no formal investigation at all and no word on the chain of evidence or its source, we are told with absolute certainty that the Assad government has used the weapons. And they can't tell us because it is secret! 

1 comment:

  1. Interesting ploy. Yes, it may distract from the never ending scandals but at the same time paints the picture of the brown skinned people of the Mid East as lunatics. Who wouldn't want our government doing what it must to protect us?