Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Dangerous Dogs of St Louis

Dangerous dogs are becoming more of a problem in parts of north St. Louis County. It’s so bad, some people say they’re afraid to go out for a morning jog, reports CBS St Louis.

CBS St Louis continues:
Resident Carolyn Immer says she was attack and now has a hole in her leg.

“I felt like I was out in the middle of nowhere and there was nobody around to help,” Immer says. “I was screaming for a long time – it seemed like a long time lets put it that way.

Another resident Faye Turner says she and her sister-in-law have had several encounters with loose dogs.

“We actually went behind someone’s house, that we don’t know, trying to get away from the animal, but they continued to follow us,” Turner says. “We called my husband and he picked us up, that’s the way we were able to get away.”

Turner says they don’t go walking anymore.

Another woman complained that she had called County Animal Control about a couple of pit bulls who followed her around outside, but nothing was done.

At a town hall meeting Thursday evening, County Animal Control recommended people go out walking with an umbrella, a cane, or a stick.


  1. Not dog people, apparently.

  2. Hey, could be worse. Detroit has BEARS!
    P.S. Chicago has Bears, and they suck too. :)

  3. One must buy their own personal protection dogs in these times. They cost probably between 5000-8000 dollars.

  4. How about a firearm? Too simple?