Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Robert Wenzel Show: James Altucher On Why He's Not Running For Congress

This Week's Guest
James Altucher
Blogger, Entrepreneur & Venture Capital Investor
Find out how quickly he learned politics is a dirty business and decided not to run for Congress




  1. I hope James changes his mind and uses whatever free publicity he gets to teach basic economics to people. This is what really matters and is at the core of today's libertarian revolution. The "machine" is simply an outgrowth of people's economic ignorance. Change their ignorance and the "machine" will go away. Ron Paul was successful because of his preaching of Austrian Economics. It is what led to campuses full of people chanting "end the fed". It is what made him truly unique, and again, it is at the core of today's libertarian revolution.

  2. Thanks for conducting this interview, Bob. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

  3. Are there any plans for an RSS feed for the show. I've missed them all since no longer gets updated.

    1. Here is the new feed URL: