Monday, June 24, 2013

Trouble for Rand Paul Presidential Aspirations?

Robert Costa, National Review's Washington editor, tweets:


Here's the "scoop".



  1. For the good of all libertarians, Randall Paul must not even be nominated to run.

    1. none of the current hopefuls has any hope. Just giving the faithful and the politic junkies strung along until the midterms.

  2. John 'Bonkers' Bolton, thinking about running??!?!??! with his stupid white mustache and general air of chickenhawkdom?????
    another of the ' enlisted in the National Guard to avoid being sent overseas, and consequently did not serve in Vietnam' club that so many Republicans are members of.

  3. Think of all the recent mediocrities and those vying for the throne: George W. Bush, Obama, Biden, the Clintons, Dole, Kerry, McCain, Gore. If this is the best we can come up with, I think it's safe to say that our political system is broken.

    Hit the reset button.

  4. GAG. The NR is the cheerleader in chief for the neocons, after the Weekly Standard. But what the heck, all the Rand Paul haters over at EPJ will swoon with joy when the Hildabeast ascends the throne with her Billy-Man-in-Waiting....