Saturday, June 22, 2013

Want to Know What Is Going On In Syria, Follow the Money?

by Taki Theodoracopulos

When a draft-dodging con man such as Bill Clinton begins to sound like General George Patton, most intelligent people realize that the fix is in.

Clinton recently remonstrated with Obama over the latter’s inaction in Syria. Like a true politician, Barack obliged and ordered small arms to be delivered to the rebels three days after the draft dodger had read him the riot act. Clinton is a sleazeball who has never done a thing except beat his own drum. His close friends are sleazy, his Hollywood buddies are shabby, and even his daughter’s father-in-law has done hard time for big-time fraud. Clinton lowered the bar as president and was extremely lucky to be followed in the White House by a man who although well-meaning will go down in history for having committed one of the greatest foreign-policy mistakes of any American president. Nevertheless, the prisoner of the neocons has had the decency to stay out of the fray and inside his Texas farm. Not our Bill. He wants to live in the White House again and is busy preparing his wife’s triumphal entry to it in three years. Hence his aggressive remarks about Syria.

But here’s the scoop: Look for the money. The Saudis and Qataris have a hell of a lot of it. Bill Clinton, a man who never let a scruple get in his way, is their perfect secret agent.

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  1. It's hard for me to take someone seriously who uses the adjective "draft-dodging" as an insult.

  2. Or who refers to GWB as "well meaning"