Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WaPo: "Rand Paul is the most interesting man in the (political) world"

 Chris Cillizza at Wapo's The Fix writes:
The first six months of 2013 have made two things very clear: 1) Rand Paul is running for president and 2) Rand Paul is the most interesting politician in the country at the moment[...]

Paul is, without question, a prime mover in two arenas right now: the Senate and the presidential race[...]

What Republicans — establishment-types and others — find most intriguing about Paul is his potential to appeal in directions and demographics (civil libertarians, young people etc.) that get the party beyond the coalition built by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. (We’ve written lots of late on the growing libertarian strain in the country and Paul is the elected official most closely aligned with those views.)[...]

Whether Rand Paul winds up as a top-tier presidential candidate in 2016 — we think he will be — it’s clear he is someone who has not only avoided being pigeonholed on any one issue but also leapt over the expectations many people had for him when he was first elected in 2010[...]

Here’s where Paul fits at the moment: he is the most interesting person in the Republican political world.  And that’s a good place to be.
Keep in mind, this coming from the core of the Washington establishment, a core that had trouble spelling Ron Paul's name correctly.

Who is running Rand Paul?


  1. No one is running Rand but himself and his own team. Look at who they're quoting. This is magic of buddying up to an establishment hack like McConnell. He's obviously made a few phone calls and has got him favorable press. We have no idea what's gone on behind closed doors but I suspect it's got more to do with McConnell's own political survival; no doubt Rand has promised he will campaign for him in return for plumb committee posts on Foreign Relations, Homeland Security etc. and he has asked for things to be smoothed over with Washington establishment press. This explains the favorable coverage more or less. This doesn't mean McConnell is running Rand infact it's the other way around. McConnell needs him to survive another term. Look for Rand to be rallying the faithful in Kentucky on his behalf next year.

    Rand is certainly in a fortuitous position in that his senior senator needs him more than he needs him and that he just happens to be the Republican leader.

    1. Rand learned thru 40 years of supporting his father's campaigns what worked and what didn't. He made peace with McConnell after his Senate primary. He had some stumbles speaking, but has learned how and has cleary put together a good team.

      He's been great at picking which issues to make a big deal over and which to ignore and not stand up for.

      As JD above said, Paul and McConnell have teamed up. Paul providing key support to McConnell. McConnell calling in favors for Rand. A smart alliance for both.

  2. They are honest about the reason for the interest: "his potential to appeal in directions and demographics ...." Otherwise, Jeb won't have a chance against Hillary.