Thursday, June 20, 2013

Was Michael Hastings Running for His Life When He Crashed?

By Paul Huebl
Los Angeles, CA—Award winning journalist Michael Hastings reportedly was under investigation by the FBI after his explosive interview and news story that led to the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal. 
The sudden rash of conspiracy theories surrounding Hastings death seems to have serious merit.  As a long time investigator, I have obvious questions.  I have learned that Hastings was a good and temperate driver.  The 4:15 AM, June 18th fiery crash of his Mercedes sedan in Los Angeles show signs of incredibly high speed that apparently caused the loss of control of the car by Hastings.  
Very recently Hastings had complained to several people that he was under surveillance by the FBI.  The FBI is nothing more than an arm of Eric Holder’s Justice Departmentand they often get instructions from the very highest levels of government.
The only thing that comes to mind is that Hasting must have been running from someone threatening him.[...] The immediate questions I have are was Hastings under surveillance at the time of his death?  Was a GPS device attached to his car by anyone?  With drone technology the covert GPS like I sometimes employ is antiquated by comparison.  Where was Hastings in the few hours that led up to the time of death?  Was there an incendiary device in the car that caused or embellished that inferno that followed the crash?  Has the Federal government involved themselves into the routine LAPD accident investigation and why?  

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