Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why I Still Am Not Impressed with Edward Snowden Leaks

I am certainly happy with the brouhaha surrounding the Edward Snowden "leaks." Anything that makes the average citizen more suspicious of government operators the better.

However, as I have stated before, the Snowden "leaks" continue to be of the type that do little to advance the knowledge of what careful observers already knew about spying and data collection operations of the NSA/USG.

Where's the real dirt about government operators and what they have done and are planning? Did Snowden not listen in on any juicy stuff?

Sibel Edmonds, who had nowhere near the observation post that Snowden had, provided us with much more detailed information about suspicious government operations than Snowden has to date.

I hope there is more coming from Snowden of a more detailed nature on topics none of us are aware of, but to date I haven't seen anything from Snowden that could be classified as a great expose.

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  1. The great value of Edward Snowden "leaks" is a comprehension as to the nature of metadata.

    John Naughton of the Observer relates NSA surveillance: don’t underestimate the extraordinary power of metadata ...

    Four years ago a German Green party politician, Malte Spitz, sued to have Deutsche Telekom hand over six months of his phone data that he then made available to Zeit Online. The paper then did what any decent NSA operative would do, namely combine his phone’s geolocation data with information relating to his life as a politician, Twitter feeds, blog entries and websites, to create an extraordinary animated reconstruction of a day in his life. It’s this revelatory power that enables metadata to expose far more than what a target is talking about. Matt Blaze of, a crypto researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, “Metadata is our context. And that can reveal far more about us, both individually and as groups, than the words we speak. Context yields insights into who we are and the implicit, hidden relationships between us. A complete set of all the calling records for an entire country is therefore a record not just of how the phone is used, but, coupled with powerful software, of our importance to each other, our interests, values, and the various roles we play.”

    blimy_4321 comments The protection afford to an individual is ultimately the protection of anonymity in a crowd.

    If you can speak up and against an authority, then fade in to a crowd, then you are safe. Individually we are no match for the arbitrary power exercised by those who pretend to rule. however, together, they fear us.

    What this metadata does, in the first time in time in-memorial, is to remove this anonymity forever both from digitial and physical world.

    Every individual in a crowd, be it digital or physical, will be identified and recognized. identity tracked, movement analyzed, at an instant the individuals that made up of the crowd, their entire personal history at the finger tips of the trackers.

    Thus one can not put on a guy fawk mask and together walking down the street anymore. because there is no point for the mask. they already know who we are.

    What we have today is the slow motion death of the world as we know it.

    Tom Engelhardt of Antiwar relates The making of a Global Security State is underway.

    Christ’s final dispensation, that is Christ’s final economy, Ephesians, 1:10, will be the age of the global security state, that is the time of a one world government, which provides seigniorage, that is moneyness, through the charagma, that is the mark of the beast, which is designed for both emperor worship, as well as for payment processing of all commercial trade, though the 666 credit and money system, Revelation 13:18. This Great Tribulation is the last 3 and 1/2 years, where a small number of God’s elect are driven into a refuge, that is a sanctuary, in a wilderness place, where no drone can go, nor any missile penetrate, to live by what ever means Gods provides for 42 months, Revelaiton 12:6, while the rest of humanity is called by the Seignior, that is the Sovereign’s banking partner, to Emperor worship, Revelation 13:11-17, where one will be commanded to worship-on-demand, through communication devices, such as one’s phone, which present holographic projections of and direct communication from the world’s king. The Gateway Pundit reports AT&T to load iPhones with alerts from Obama, that you can’t switch off.

    It is the metadata, that provides not only one’s location, but also one’s context, relationships, and innermost identity, living in one’s soul, to be made known to the Sovereign and to the Seignior, enabling a genuine experience of conformity with, and worship to, the King, that is the Sovereign, and his Banker, that is the Seignior. It is the metadata that secures the trust of an individual.