Wednesday, July 17, 2013

96 Year Old Lady Denies Robber Cash, Offers Him Tootsie Rolls Instead

Gawker reports:

For the past 54 years, grocery store owner Margaretta "Marge" Wolf has held her own against a big-box store encroachment that has left her one of the last remaining mom-and-pop shop operators in her neck of Wisconsin.

So when a knife-brandishing robber entered Wolf's Grocery Store in Marshfield this week with the intent to rob the 96-year-old of her hard-earned money, she immediately shut him down.

"I said, 'I'm not opening up that cash register and that's it,'" Wolf told Madison ABC affiliate WKOW.

The robber continued to demand she leave the cash register and head to the back of the store, but Wolf refused to budge, telling the silver-masked man, "I'm not walking no place, I'm standing right here."

Sensing her resolve wasn't weakening, and noticing a security camera trained on his location, the perp eventually decided to flee.

That's not to say he left empty handed: Wolf was kind enough to offer him as many Tootsie Rolls as he wanted out of a bin by the register.

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