Monday, July 1, 2013

A Few Thoughts on the 100 Degree Temperatures and the Crony Climatology Complex

The record breaking temperatures in the western half of the United States are sure to bring out in full force the climate scam artists. No doubt they will they will claim, with little proof, that the current hot weather is part of a global warming trend, brought about by evil business. They will scream that businesses must be regulated to prevent this global warming trend from continuing. And they will announce that money must be spent in ways that just so happen to benefit the crony climatology complex.

In truth, climatology  is a very complex science. Very few scientists, if any, understand it to any in detail. The best scientists in the field will tell you this.They will tell you that much more research and analysis must be done. But this won't stop the opportunists and the cronies to pretend they understand the problems and know the solutions. They want to shut down all discussion and thinking about the subject, now. The less they know, the more they want to end research and discussion on the topic.

The President is one of these climate science obstructionists. He won't let us see his Harvard grades, but he will nevertheless stand before the world, as though he is an expert, and declare:
 We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-earth society.
Implying that the research on climatology is complete, the President surely takes the masses for fools.

Here's what real scientists say. From a 2012 paper by the  Research Council of Norway:
Although the expressed political needs regarding science results primarily relate to the impact of anthropogenic greenhouse gasses, there is also a need for increased research on the impact of human activity on land cover and land-use change, especially in relation to the albedo and the biogeochemical and hydrological cycles.Furthermore, a good understanding of the climate system cannot be reached without a dedicated effort to understand the contribution to climate change from natural climate processes. The geological history very clearly documents a strong climate forcing associated with solar variability, although the exact mechanism has not been identified. This should call for a coherent international effort, but surprisingly, the worldwide scientific effort to increase our understanding of the natural variations is very limited[...]. Therefore, in addition to implementing the recommendations of Klima21, this committee recommends an increased effort in research on the natural causes of climate change, in particular the activity variations of the sun, the mechanism of cloud formation, and the multi-decadal variations in ocean current systems.
That's what real scientists are saying versus Obama, the non-scientist who is telling us research is complete.

Note: Norwegian climate scientists are the world’s most prolific in terms of publications per capita. In Norway, the number of research articles on climate research being published is climbing faster than in any other research field. They are world leaders in many as aspects of climate research.

At the same time scientists tell us more research needs to be done, the whiff of an anti-business perspective will be in the hot air, promoted by the climate scammers, as bizarre as this may logically sound. Businesses, free market businesses, that is, that respect property rights, are all about solving consumer problems. When I hear about record high temperatures, especially in the very hot areas of Phoenix and Las Vegas, I think about, water supplies, the electric power, refrigeration and air conditioning created by businesses that make these places inhabitable during the current heat wave---something that wouldn't haven been possible years ago, before modern day conveniences were invented. Yes, while this heat wave goes on, in Las Vegas, conventions and meetings are being held, gamblers are gambling and performers are performing for audiences and diners are dining----all in the comfort of air conditioning brought to visitors and employees by businesses.

That's what we know as a fact, businesses are making Las Vegas and Phoenix inhabitable.

As for macro-climate change, much more work needs to be done on the subject and I will be very surprised that any work done in that direction will in future years show that Obama's crony climatology projects will have anything to do with changing climate in any significant degree, if change is needed at all. Is this why the President wants to stop the research now?  

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