Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Review of Eliot Spitzer's Long List of Illegal Activities

By Roger Stone

Eliot Spitzer has decided to jump back into the political arena. This calls for a review of his entire record of illegal activities far beyond his dalliance with call-girls. Far from being the "Sheriff of Wall Street" Spitzer was a bully and blackmail artist who abused his power to destroy his enemies while major Spitzer donors engaged in illegal Wall Street antics but were given a pass. Spitzer has neither the temperament or honesty to be trusted with public office.

Spitzer financed two campaigns for Attorney General with more than $9 million in illegal loans from his billionaire father. He lied to the New York Times and the New York Daily News repeatedly denying the existence of the loans. He also perjured himself in a civil suit in which he denied the existence of the loans under oath. He ultimately admitted the illegal transactions but only after obtaining the shield of the New York Attorney's office.

Spitzer clearly also ordered the use of State resources in his effort to utilize the state police to spy on former Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and fabricate documents to discredit the Republican. The use of State's resources for political purposes is a felony.

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  1. why isn't this being used by the press more aggressively?