Thursday, July 25, 2013

Amash Amendment Defeated: The Phone Records of Americans Shall Continue to be Collected by the NSA

The House has defeated a Justin Amasah amendment that would have drastically curbed a national-security program that collects the phone records of millions of Americans, after a tense debate.

The Obama administration and House Speaker John Boehner joined forces to reject the amendment to a defense spending bill, 217-205. Boehner, who as speaker rarely votes on the House floor, opposed it as did House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, according to CNN.

Michele Bachmann voted with Boehner and Pelosi.

The defense spending bill now moves to the Senate. But in the Senate, there is little support for making major changes to the NSA program.


  1. Surprise, surprise...

  2. So, I guess that investigation into Bachmann's "ethical" practices will go away now.