Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bizarre Protests Across the Country : LA, NYC, SF, Pitt.

Freeway in LA blocked. Times Square shut down. Oakland crowd size increasing.

What are these people protesting? Do they want mob rule over court trials? Why isn't mass media releasing the racial make up of the jury? The closest a reporter came to revealing the ethnic background was a CNN reporter who said that it was mixed like her, black, white and Hispanic.

Do these protesters think the jury had an agenda? Bizarre. If anything, it appeared the court was trying to push a verdict in the direction of guilty.

Crowd in Times Square 


Protesters marching on the highway in Los Angeles.


  1. They have no clue. Which is pretty much how they've gone through life. Without a clue.

  2. Wow. The federal government is out killing, plundering, manipulating, counterfeiting, and probing. These people couldn't give a damn. This trial gets them all enraged? Anyone who's taken even a small glance at the evidence can see, Zimmerman is far from obviously guilty. It's sad how easily the media can push an agenda onto the sheep.

    1. My thoughts exactly...are they gonna march when Bradley manning is convicted? Doubt it.

  3. I read it was five white women one black. People are CONVINCED this was a travesty of justice. There was no evidence against Zimmerman so I don't get it.

  4. Pretty clear this whole thing was pushed as an anti-2nd Amendment thing. That and to antagonize rural whites who the elites (Gentiles, Jews, and blacks among them) hate. If the Democrats can marginalize rural whites and portray them as loony they will never lose an election again.

  5. When I looked at my Twitter feed Saturday evening and saw Zimmerman was innocent I saw a barrage of tweets by people who were absolutely shocked at the outcome of this case. And these people are respected working professionals. It fully convinced me how completely and utterly clueless Americans are.

    I followed the Zimmerman story for about thirty minutes total from the time the story sprang until I logged on Twitter Saturday evening. So basically over a 1.5 year period I spent practically no time following this story. I took 10min to glance over the initial facts from mostly mainstream outlets, and a couple of other outlets I trust. Another 10mins reading legal analysis about the Prosecutor charging Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder, and then another 10mins last week detailing the legal rationale about why Zimmerman would walk as a free man.

    When he was charged with 2nd degree murder every legal analysis I glanced through concluded the chance of him being convicted was close to 0%. Last week when I read's analysis they had the same things to say about the case as the lawyers who initially pontificated when the murder charge was initially applied, that Zimmerman was going to be innocent.

    My point here is that I spent a total of 30mins learning about this case over a 1.5 year period, and during that time I was being told there was no way he was getting convicted of 2nd degree murder; this coming from mostly mainstream outlets. So then how the hell are millions of Americans shocked about Zimmerman's innocence when I can essentially not pay attention to this case and know the outcome? Who the hell were these people paying attention to to think Zimmerman was going to jail? How can so many people be so clueless?