Sunday, July 21, 2013

BREAKING: Jack Hunter Leaves Rand Paul Staff



Via The Daily Caller:
Jack Hunter, the aide to Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul who has been under fire for comments critical of Abraham Lincoln and sympathetic to the Confederacy, has left the senator’s office to resume his career as a political pundit.

Hunter told The Daily Caller News Foundation that he wanted to avoid being a distraction for Paul and to clear his own name, which he argues is now unfairly associated with racism.


Less than two weeks after neocons launched a blistering attack on Rand Paul social media aide Jack Hunter, Hunter is gone from Rand's staff and Rand is left wounded.

The neocons, if they choose, may not let up. They can harp on the fact that Hunter was not pushed from the Rand camp quick enough after the "exposure" of his southern sympathies. They can also charge Rand with being weak for allowing Hunter to simply leave on his own rather than Rand showing "leadership" and throwing Hunter out earlier.

The neocons are a demanding bunch. Rand may not be ruthless, yet, in his desire to be president, but if he has it in him to be ruthless, the neocons will draw it out.

No one in America gets to be president without displaying the ruthlessness that the behind the scenes operators demand.

Friedrich Hayek wasn't kidding when he wrote a chapter  in The Road to Serfdom titled Why the Worst Get on Top.

It will be interesting to see what the neocons and elitist mainstream media demand of Rand next and whether Rand drags his feet, like with Hunter, for nearly two weeks, before he does what the neocons and MSM demand of him.


  1. I can honestly say that I never once heard any of Hunter's commentary reflect an ounce of racism or read any of his stuff reflecting such an attitude.

    Maybe it's out there, but I have't seen it.

    It's amazing that media is so powerful that they can drop a label on someone with no proof and it somehow sticks.

    Kind of reminds me of Tom Woods and his zombie youtube:

  2. Doesn't matter if Rand fired him or not, he co-authored his book with him, and his muzzling and then firing (like Rothbard says, no one ever really resigns) doesn't change the fact that Rand wrote a book with him, hired him, and then defended him for two weeks before firing him. It's the newsletters all over, if Rand is up in Iowa 5 days out like Ron was, the neocons will crush him with soundbites of Hunter saying outrageous stuff about killing Lincoln. Given that he's up for re-election in 2016, he may have to chose the presidential run over a senate campaign, and allowing him to run a wounded presidential campaign that removes him from the senate but has no real chance of success is probably a best case scenario for the neocons. They'll let him see the promised land, then kill him within sight of it.

  3. I mean, if the neocons were hard on Paul about Hunter, imagine how the DNC machine will jump all over him for this is he wins the nomination. They will try to paint him as a racist, pull up the CNN interview from a few years ago when he said he wouldn't have voted for the civil rights act.