Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Does Snowden STILL Have Access to the NSA Computer Network?

By Graham C. Dugas III

I have suspected the unthinkable ever since the Snowden affair erupted. After reading this article I am very convinced that it could be the case that Edward Snowden can still access the NSA's network. As a system administrator it is possible that he has the login info on every user of the entire system, including that of other system administrators.

With very little effort, a forward thinking person could set up several "ghost" laptops (or desktops) at rented office space. With a very simple remote viewing programs like TeamViewer, he could tap into these "ghost" laptops and logon to the NSA system using admin logons he stored. He could view and down load whatever he wants in their system and encrypt it on the laptop. Then via a VPN and yet another encrypting services like TOR, Snowden could email currently accessed documents to wherever he wants.

Moreover, he could wage a one man counter blackmail operation. Say for instance Ed Snowden knew that the NSA had dirt on Obama from its earlier monitoring of his days as a Senator that it was presently using to pull his strings, or say that he knew that the NSA was keeping a certain South Carolina Senator's homosexuality under wraps in exchange for subservience, he could release that info and neuter the NSA's blackmail grip. He could reveal Obama as a complete shell and puppet of Gen. Alexander's NSA. He could go global, as he seems to be doing and reveal how the NSA blackmails certain Prime Ministers, or how Israel is pulling the strings on its puppets in DC like Peter King, McCain etc. He could show just what media outlets are compromised (OK, we know it's all of them but... Snowden could get very specific and show that a certain bombastic FoxNews blowhard has a penchant for underage girls or something.

Whatever the NSA seeks to gain by its snooping can be turned against them faster than you can say Haman's gallows. I suspect that Snowden STILL has access to the NSA network and may even know their next steps as they plot against him in real time. If he is really smart, all this is a possibility. Short of changing every password and admin access simultaneously via paper and envelope notification to new ones (administered by a singular who?), there may not be much the NSA can do about it.


  1. Interesting..... It gets curiouser and more curiouser.

  2. Edward could have been chasing each other's tails. he could make it appear as if leaks originated from other peoples computers. Recently a four star general and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was arrested on suspicion of leaking confidential information. Hmmm.

  3. Although it is certainly a fun speculation, I find it to be highly unlikely, and I am one who has at least some tangential experience in this area.

    That, plus I think that Mr. Snowden has lately been just a tad busy.

    Makes a nice movie script, however.