Saturday, July 27, 2013

Egypt Unrest: At Least 70 Supporters of Mohamed Morsi Killed by Security Services

Egypt’s troubled transition reached a new nadir of bloodletting today when at least 70 supporters of toppled President Mohamed Morsi were gunned down during a sustained attack by the security services – three weeks after the army committed a similar massacre in nearly exactly the same spot, reports the UK's Independent.

Clashes continued this morning as police squared off against thousands of protesters close to Nasr City, a suburb of eastern Cairo, according to I.

Members of the central security forces, some clenching automatic rifles and wearing black face masks, fired bursts of gunfire at protesters who have been camping out near Nasr City throughout the month.

Supporters of Morsi – who are demanding the former Egyptian leader be reinstated following the coup orchestrated just over three weeks ago – cowered behind makeshift brick barricades as bullets fizzed overhead. Others ducked behind cars as live fire crackled in their direction

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