Friday, July 12, 2013

Glenn Beck Calls for Celebrating Ramadan by Shooting All Guantanamo Prisoners in the Head

Martin Hill reports:
Former CNN and FOX host Glenn Beck has called for commemorating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan by shooting everyone at Guantanamo Bay in the head, also joking about torturing others through forced-feeding. On his July 9th radio program, the 49-year-old Mormon GOP supporter was discussing hunger strikes and forced feeding of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. "We can't let them starve themselves to death? Damn right we can. We can also shoot them in the head, which is the other option and the one I'm for. SHOOT THEM. But, the other is let them starve to death and I'm totally fine with that," Beck insisted


  1. I suppose it would be too much work for Beck to discover that many of these people (they are people, not feral animals to be put down) have been cleared of any charges for years. So his "solution" is to shoot perfectly innocent people.

    Pretty revolting stuff.

  2. If anyone - for even an instant - thought that Beck parading as a libertarian is a good thing, let this be the proof that they're wrong. Wenzel, you should interview Beck and call a spade like you did with LP's Gary Johnson.

  3. Yet some people call this conservative joker a libertarian. Pathetic

  4. Neo-cons make for repulsive human beings.