Friday, July 26, 2013

Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul Lead in Early 2016 Presidential Race Polling

Public Policy Polling is out with its latest numbers.  They report:
The numbers are: Paul 16, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Paul Ryan each at 13, Cruz at 12, Rubio at 10, Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal at 4, and Susana Martinez at 2. Cruz has proven to be such a darling to the far right that he actually already leads among 'very conservative' voters with 20% to 18% for Paul and 17% for Ryan. Christie gets 24% with 'moderate' identifying Republicans but doesn't do better overall because he's at just 7% with 'very conservative' ones.[...]

Clinton continues to dominate the Democratic race, although her 40 point lead this month is down a bit from 50 and 46 points on our previous two polls. She's at 52% to 12% for Biden, 6% for Elizabeth Warren, 5% for Kirsten Gillibrand, and 3% for Cory Booker with no one else above 2%.

In a Clinton-less field Biden leads with 34% to 13% for Warren, 10% for Andrew Cuomo, and 4% for Booker with no one else above 3%. And in a field without either Clinton or Biden the leader for the first time is Elizabeth Warren who gets 20% to 11% for Cuomo, 8% for Booker, and 5% for Gillibrand.


  1. THEIR is a new wind stirring in this Land...We are looking for a leader. A modern day Lincoln, a UNITER who will finally heed the great President Generals sage warning and confront the forces of the Military Industrial Complex (M.I.C.).. Now morphed in to the M.I.C. plus the National Security State. The wings of THE EAGLE were united in the house of representatives this week. It was the beginning of the coming Great National Debate. The left and the right found common ground in defense of our fundamental, foundational BILL OF RIGHTS. How many other issues are We The People confronted with that present common ground solution. I am looking for a leader who will bring all American forces out of the middle east........I am looking for a leader who will oppose the neo-liberal neo-con agenda of exporting capitol and jobs..of surrendering American sovereignty to UNDEMOCRATIC Internationals institutions. I am looking for a leader who will enforce our criminal and anti trust laws upon the banksters who prowl the floors of wall street in institutions to BIG to fail. I am looking for a leader who will pledge to select Supreme Court Judges so the facist basterdization of our laws, the Citizens United Ruling is overuled. I am a life long progressive who finds Clinton of any Council on Foreign Relations or Internationals backed candidate absolutely repugnant. I am looking for a leader who understands that we must learn to transend our differences and unit to defend our rights. I am looking for a leader who will confont Monsanto and other reckless if not criminal corporations who are trying to monopolize international food and water supplies...You may not agree with any specific issue I have suggested here. The conduct Edward Snowden has precipitated a Great America Debate ...he should be pardon for any incidental violations of any criminal law. The issues that are life threating to our Bill of Rights have been under attack since the initial F.I.S.A. law. Any question or debate about the domestic use of the dragnet PRISM spy program has been rendered moot by it's disclosure... Realistically it's only remaining effective use is to continue invading and destroying our rights to freely and privately comminicate and ASSOCIATE.. with our families, frends and fellow Americans........These are many Watershed issues that must be address. .Will We continue to follow the lead of the BONEHEAD decider with torture, renditions, indeterminate imprisonment of people in cuba who have committed no crime..secret prisions..secret courts with secret rulings...HOW can anyone who claims to be an AMERICAN abide with this continued disgrace to OUR HERITAGE...We need a person of vision to propose a MANHATTEN PROJECT to plan our conversion to solar and other benign energy sources thus ending the debate about global warning...think of all the jobs that could be created rebuilding American infrastructure on a solar model.. Imagine the benefit of having any energy supply source that you don't have to invade countries and persue a policy of perpetual war to sustain..AND at it's source ...will never increase in price...will not poison our air,water or land...the true costs of fossil fuels exceeds the expense to create a solar powered world. We must find the leaders who will lead us there. a NEW fossil fuel free world...and ReNewed American Century where are Heritage and Our Rights are preserved protected and defended against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic.( this was typed on a abdroid phone and is impossible to edit ...please excuse the obvious errors)

  2. There is a new wind stirring the political winds in this country. The abrupt swell of opposition to the domestic use of the dragnet Prisism spy system has forged a polutical alliance to restore our fundamental right to be free from unwarranted intrusions upon our rights ti feely communicate and ASSOCIATE with each other..when the left and the right unite on fundamental issues they become empowed to. effect real political change. Other issues that may bring unity of purpose might be confronting this ABSOLUTELY UnAmerican notion of to BIG to fail or to BIG to prosecute. ..Finally confronting the Military Industrial Complex (M.I.C.) morphed into ...M.I.C. plus the National Security spy state... Edward Snowden has rendered a great service by risking his life to illuminate the truth about the. massive violations of our rights. The threat we are confronts US presents a Historically Defining Moment. .That deternines and tells us who we are ; As a people and as a Nation. We have a heritage that We are honor and duty bound to respect and uphold and defend against All enemies, both foreign and domestic. Any debate about the effectiveness of our domestic. dragnet Prism system has been. rendered moot by the disclosureof its existence. Prism imprisons out thoughts, creates mirrors into our private worlds..all those we love, communicate and associate with are swallowed up in the Prism. Who and what is it's continued employment aimed at? Realistically only US. There are ways to find common ground..and I pray a leader of the people will emerge who can lead us to common ground..A Uniter who will revetse the policies of the "great" Boneheaded DECIDER who has lead us from the disaster of the aftermath of hurricanes to a phony wnd secret prisons and secret courts ...with secret rulings ...secret torture chambers..indiscriminate killer drones..renditionings...indeterminate imprisonment of people know to be innocent. The harm the DECIDER has done can only be reversed by uniting progressives, Libertarians, liberals, conservative, all races and ethnic groups, moderates, all political persuasions...Edward Snowden has unleashed a genie upon this land.. I am a life long progressive who supports the NRA..I will never voted for Hillary Clinton and will actively oppose her and every other politician and any other Council on Foreign Relations or Internationalist back politician....neo-liberal or neo-con..they have shown their true colors and its time to deal with them..It's time for a leader to emerge who will establish a MANHATTEN PROJECT for the conversion from fossil fuels to solar and other benign forms. Imagine all the jobs we could create rebuilding American infrastructure on a solar model. They may kill or imprison Edward Snowden.... but can they stop the tide to freedom.. the ground swell to restoring the BILL of Rights...

    1. Additional areas of potential common ground: Yankee Come Home policy..removal or substantial reduction of troops from middle east, europe..south america.......
      ....... ......A bring home jpbs policy to stimulate employment exspansion and retraining programs for those who need to be retrained into the new alternative energy policy..., revision and rejection of trade agreements that have subordinated American Sovereignty to the wto which has resulted in attempts to nullify environmental protection, revise. reject clinton and the bonehead deciders laws and policies and an investigation of the roles of larry summers, alan greenspan,ben bernake..timmy geithner and other revolving door economic advisors and psuedo regulators determine whose conduct corruptly lead to the greatest swindle in our history...this investigation would include the collusion of rating agencies and other banks and financing institutions such as goldman sachs, fannie mae etc. We must force the bansters and others to disclose their respective roles in the swindle......

    2. Revisit,reconceptualize corporate crime....The current system of policing corporate crime has resulted in the CORPORATION being used as a Massive Shield for the Criminal Element on Wall st and elseware....inturn this element has able to establish a culture of tolerance and a system that shields actual human being criminals from the consequences of felonious conduct... this criminal element in business and especially on Wall st. has forged a political campaign funding relationship, with the backing of the Supreme Court, that exempts them from prosecution for their crimes and has removed to big to fail corporations from any effective criminal sanctions or Security and Exchange Commission oversight..A system whereby the "Corporate Shield" is removed once it is established that their is probable cause to believe that a felony or other crime or infraction has been committed...then the actual human crime perpetrators are on their own to defend themselves....the corporation is a "victim" of the acts of it's criminal element as their intended victims...the corporation is not implicitly complicit in the perpetration of the crime... why should a corporation be forced to give financial and legal support to a criminal element within the corporation. Once their is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed, the corporation cops and goes states Elizabeth I ....the corporation is a perpetual virgin and can't be complicit to criminal conduct...the actual human perpetrators fend for themselves after a preliminary hearing...We now have a two tiered ( at least 2..probably more)...Justice System that coddles Corporate Criminal conduct and refuses to prosecute select Corporate criminals like Wall st. Banksters, headed by goldman sachs and it's ratfaced leader...We need a new way of thinking about corporate's corruption now rules our congress..

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