Friday, July 12, 2013

Hillary Clinton Starts to Cash in Big Time

WaPo reports on her seemingly crony speech schedule:

In the six months since stepping down as secretary of state, Clinton has addressed apartment-complex developers in Dallas, private-equity managers in Los Angeles and business executives in Grand Rapids, Mich. Still to come are travel agents, real estate brokers, clinical pathologists and car dealers — collecting more than $200,000 per appearance, according to one executive who arranges speaking tours.[...]

Most of the trade groups Clinton has addressed actively lobby Congress on issues both substantial and mundane. The American Society of Travel Agents, which Clinton will address in September, wants airlines to provide data to travel agencies about baggage and boarding fees. The National Multi Housing Council, which Clinton addressed in April, advocates, among other things, low-interest loans for those who deal with bedbug infestations.

When she spoke to the Society for Human Resource Management in June, association chief executive Hank Jackson said, “We were very pleased that most of her speech was tailored towards HR issues.”

“She didn’t realize how intimately involved we are in providing feedback to Congress on how immigration from a practical perspective — not from a political perspective — is affecting businesses’ ability to manage talent,” Jackson said. “Giving her that insight was something that she could take away from the meeting.”

Other audiences have many millions of dollars at stake in federal tax policies. In June, Clinton addressed an investor meeting in Los Angeles of KKR, the private-equity giant, and fielded questions from firm co-founder Henry Kravis. Her appearance, first reported by Politico, was confirmed by a KKR spokeswoman.

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