Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Wonder If Jack Hunter Feels as Bad as Anthony Weiner's Wife Looked?

Yesterday, Anthony Weiner trotted out his wife, Huma, to show that she still loves him, despite his latest round of dick texting, and that he should be the next mayor of NYC. During the press conference, Huma stood a few feet from Weiner as though she didn't want to get anywhere near that dick. When she was called on to speak, she appeared in an almost hypnotic trance as she announced what a wonderful man Weiner had turned into since his last known bout of sexting. Her unwashed hair provided a clue that this is not what she was expecting when she married a politician.

Getting to close to a politician can be pretty tough on the person getting close. We have had two examples this week of what it is like, Huma and Jack Hunter. Hunter, of course. was forced to leave the Rand Paul staff, despite being close to Rand, because Hunter's views were an inconvenient truth for Rand during his presidential bid.

Hunter hasn't appeared in public since being pushed out, so we can't judge if Hunter has had the energy to shower and wash his hair, but the status of his web site may be a clue.

Life around politicians is more than strategy talks with the likes of Jesse Benton. If you know what is good for you, you will stay far away from them.

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