Monday, July 15, 2013

In The People's Republic of San Francisco: Dog Walkers Must Now Be Licensed

New rules require dog walkers to obtain a city-issued permit, puts a limit on the number of dogs that can be walked at a time and requires dog walkers to have any vehicles used to transport dogs to be inspected, approved and carry $1 million in liability insurance, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.


  1. We should organize a dog-walkers union. I'm sure these poor people are being oppressed and exploited by their canine companions. Its time we protect the livelihood of our brothers.


  2. This just in, the State of California is introducing legislation to change the State Motto from: "Eureka ... I have found it!" to: "Holy CRAP... we have lost it!"

    California lawmakers are currently on the little bus headed to the capitol to vote on the legislation. Governor Brown has promised ice cream for everyone once the law is passed (and no one wets their pants, exposes themselves, or eats a booger)...