Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's Getting Ugly in Kentucky Early

The Republican primary in Kentucky isn't until May 2014, but the attack ads are already flying. Jesse and Mitch must be real nervous.

EPJ reader Tom Evans emails:
Just wanted to pass this along.  I live in Louisville KY and have begun to hear some radio spots for both Bevin and McConnell.  On my drive home this evening, I heard a big time attack from McConnell/Benton camp against Bevin...  I don't know too much about Bevin yet, but found it humorous that McConnell is attacking him for getting a $200,000 "taxpayer bailout" when McConnell voted for TARP.  Anyway, thought you may find interesting.  
Here's a video version of the ad:

Get your popcorn ready. I can't wait for the Bevin response.


  1. Not surprising that thumbs up/down and comments have been disabled on this video, to save hypocrite Mitch from a verbal beating.

  2. I imagine that the McConnell machine has plenty of cash on hand and is merely forcing Bevin to "pay to play." McConnell can definitely go the distance. Can Bevin?