Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jesse Benton: There Will Be a Fusion of Team Mitch and Team Rand After the Election

From  a profile of Jesse Benton in National Review Online, we learn:
When Jesse Benton was approached about becoming Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager for the 2014 election, he quickly reached out to one person: Rand Paul.

Benton has longstanding and deep ties with the Paul clan. He was a top aide on both of Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns, and he served as campaign manager for Rand Paul’s victorious, rookie Senate campaign in 2010. And his wife, Valori, is Ron Paul’s granddaughter.

When Benton told Rand Paul he was considering taking the job, Paul barely hesitated. “Oh, you got to take it,” Paul told Benton in a phone call, according to Benton. “If they’re interested in you and you think it’s the right fit for you, you got to take it . . . It’s good for you and it’s good for me.’”[...]

“Once we win this [McConnell senatorial] campaign, there’s going to be a substantial portion of Team Mitch that’s going to fuse with Team Rand,” he remarks, “and I think it’s going to make a really dynamite team.”


  1. Yes, yes....and once this fusion of Team Mitch occurs with Team Rand, their wonder twin powers will activate and they will become "Team Douche".

  2. Something about counting chickens b4 they hatch. I hope mitch gets knocked out of his seat in the primaries and Benton falls down a memory hole. There doesn't have to be a correlation. Those are two independent hopes.

  3. Lo, though many did partake of the Randmitch, in time, they didst defecate a foul, smelly substance that appeared to roam freely until the odious creation attached itself to thine wallets.

  4. Kentucky....Aqua....Buddha...Turtles!
    Advised by the wise rat Sphincter (Rince Preibus), they fight the radical elements that seek to corrupt the Party with principles. They are McConnellardo, Randael, Bentonello, and Southavengelo. Wait, where is Southavengelo?