Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Let's See the Fed Try This: Evidence Gold on Earth Created by Ancient Collision of Dead Stars

A strange glow in space has provided fresh evidence that all the gold on Earth was forged from ancient collisions of dead stars, researchers reported Wednesday,according to NyPo.

Astronomers have long known that fusion reactions in the cores of stars create lighter elements such as carbon and oxygen, but such reactions can't produce heavier elements like gold.

Instead, it was long thought that gold was created in a type of stellar explosion known as a supernova. But that doesn't fully explain the amount of the precious metal in the solar system.

About a decade ago, a team from Europe using supercomputers suggested that gold, platinum and other heavy metals could be formed when two exotic stars — neutron stars — crash and merge. Neutron stars are essentially stellar relics — collapsed cores of massive stars.

Now telescopes have detected such an explosion, and the observation bolsters the notion that gold in our jewelry was made in such rare and violent collisions long before the birth of the solar system about 4½ billion years ago.

People "walk around with a little tiny piece of the universe," said lead researcher Edo Berger of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.[...] The new work, which will appear in a future issue of Astrophysical Journal Letters, suggests gold was produced in a similar fashion in the Milky Way. It doesn't delve into how Earth was sprinkled with riches, but previous studies have suggested that a meteor shower may have delivered gold and other precious metals to the planet.


  1. Maybe I am being silly, but I have long wondered if that explanation could explain how gold is found and mined in veins.

    1. It can't.

      The standard model of cosmology is a flat out joke, with paradoxes and contradictions galore. Quantum physics is fundamentally at odds with general relativity. The two are incompatible.

      Special relativity forbids infinite point mass particles, such as black holes. In fact, gravity's cause and effect at the quantum level is theoretical problem that remains undefined. There is a total disconnect between special and general relativity, which means there is a fundamental problem with one or both theories.

      Take a look at what the standard model is telling you about the universe:

      Scientists believe that 95% of the matter and energy in the universe is invisible and impossible to detect.

      Scientists believe that space (which is nothing) can bend itself into an infinitely dense point of gravity.

      Scientists believe that the Sun is a self-sustaining perpetual thermo-nuclear explosion.

      Scientists believe that stars can be made entirely of neutrons, which violates the island of stability in nuclear chemistry, that can spin around at nearly half the speed of light, emitting a focused beam of energy that is detectable across galactic distances, all while being no bigger than a large asteroid.

      Scientists believe that all the matter and energy in the universe appeared out of nothing in a gigantic explosion that was caused by nothing.

      That is what science is telling you. For me, those assertions represent a RELIGION, not science.

      I recommend looking into plasma cosmology. Don't believe what wiki says about it. I've read all of the papers and I've seen all of the arguments both for and against it. In my opinion, the arguments against it can't hold a candle to the arguments against the standard model.

      Watch this video, it will blow your mind:

  2. WOW This changes EVERYTHING!!!

    Turns out Keynes actually did get something right. Gold IS a relic. I expect written apologies from all of you that think he was 100% wrong. Turns out he was only 99.99999999999999999999% wrong.

    Line forms at the right... [Please submit in triplicate, with copy to Paul Krugman]