Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Neocon Rubin Slams Rand, Again, On Jack Hunter

Jennifer Rubin writes about Hunter and, naturally, finds time to mention that Rand has "struggled" to separate himself from his father:
Suffice it to say, if anyone in Paul’s office knew of this man’s background then Paul has a serious problem on his hands. And if no one bothered to vet Hunter, then concerns about the close-knit, amateurish staff will heighten. 
Paul has struggled to shed the image his father created of a conspiratorially minded isolationist lacking judgment for high office. This won’t help.
Paul’s office needs to explain how this person got there, whether his views are acceptable to the senator, and what it intends to do about him. But the real question may be what Hunter sees in Paul. If he spots a kindred spirit thinly disguised by careful scripting, voters should pay heed.
In the meantime, it is worth noting that a person with such views and background would not be considered seriously by any other Senate or House office. So why did Paul hire him?

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  1. Rand and Hunter should just ignore this bloodthirsty neocon shrew from the Thought Police Division. Why doesn't someone dig up her many old (as well as recent) columns calling for wars that have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people? Why do these cheerleaders for mass murder and police statism always get a pass? A "neo-confederate" isn't half as bad as whatever Jennifer Rubin is. Rand could actually win back some respect and support from his father's admirers if he just told her to f**k off.