Friday, July 12, 2013

No Joke: Top Paid Comedians Of 2013

Huh, I was expecting Paul Krugman and Ben Bernanke to be on the list.

Actually, the list is pretty amazing. I recognize Seinfeld, but have no clue as to who the others are.

1. Jerry Seinfeld
Annual Earnings: $32 million

2. Terry Fator
Annual Earnings: $24 million

3. Russell Peters
Annual Earnings: $21 million

4. Jeff Dunham
Annual Earnings: $19 million

5. Louis C.K.
Annual Earnings: $16 million

(From Forbes by way of HuffPo)


  1. Robert,
    Time for comic break for you.

  2. The Louis C.K. special that was on Showtime recently is pretty funny.

  3. David is right. Last time I watched Louis C.K. do stand-up I almost had to go to the hospital.

  4. Jerry Sienfield is nothing without Larry David.

  5. Louis CK is incredibly funny. I mean next level comedy genius. YouTube for "Louis ck Cinema classics" for 10 minutes of truly groundbreaking comedy

  6. Russell Peters is of Indian decent and does some really great cross cultural clean comedy. Alliteration unintentional.

  7. Terry Fator is a singing turtle, eh ventriloquist: